Step by Step (2)

My bowl is dry, I just want to get drunk and die quickly, and never face these things again! Thirteen


My bowl is dry, I just want to get drunk and die quickly, and never face these things again! Thirteen, too, seemed intent on getting me drunk, pouring me wine bowl after bowl. Not much kung fu, I have blurred eyes, only know to murmur'drink '! Then it was my usual style of drunkenness, and I fell asleep with my head tilted. ――――――――――――――――――――― When I got up the next day, I found myself lying in bed with my clothes on. I quickly lifted the quilt and wanted to sit up. I had a pain in my head and sat back. After a while, I got up and washed. "Was I in the house when you came back last night?" Asked Yu Tan with a smile. Yu Tan said with a smile, "When I came back, I saw that my sister had already gone to bed." I nodded and said no more. By the time I was on duty, it was already too late. Fortunately, Long Live Master didn't return from court, so it wouldn't be a big deal to be a little late! After drinking a thick cup of tea, my mind became clearer. Just as the water was being boiled, Wang Xi ran in. His face was grave. "Be careful today, sister," he said in a low voice. "Long live you!" I saw that his face was not right, and I wanted to ask a few more questions, but he had already turned around and hurried away. I was quiet, chose Kangxi's favorite tea set, brewed it, and cooled it specially. When the temperature was slightly higher than Kangxi's daily favorite temperature, I quietly entered the hall with a small step holding the tea tray. At the entrance, from the third elder brother to the seventeenth elder brother, the important Manchu officials, such as Kangxi's cousin, the minister of the imperial bodyguard Gong Olundai, the minister of the imperial bodyguard Gong a Ling, the son of the minister Mingzhu, and the scholar of the Hanlin Academy, knelt on the ground. Kangxi's face was livid, and although the room was full of people, the needle could be heard. As soon as my heart moves, is it possible to announce the abolition of the prince today? Gently put the tea cup on the table, people have not had time to salute back, Kangxi suddenly picked up the tea cup to the four elder brother body, I immediately knelt down on the ground, a moment of fear in my heart, the atmosphere also dare not breathe. Four elder brother did not dare to dodge, let the tea cup with tea soup all hit the body, the upper body immediately wet, the tea cup rolled down the robe to the ground, dripping in circles, dead silence celadon hit the ground in the hearts of the people, the sound is the anger of the son of heaven, people tremble! I bent my head and knelt on the ground, feeling pain and glad that the tea soup was not hot! Think about the past carefully in the brain, but without any clue, only know that this year the prince will be abolished, but what will happen to the four elder brothers? Turn a surprised, thirteen elder brother! If the present history is the history I know, in the end, plastic pallet manufacturer ,drum spill pallet, there are thirteen things, not four elder brothers! One side is put down the heart, but one side is uncomfortable! Kangxi said coldly, "I have already decreed, 'If one of the elder brothers seeks to become the crown prince, he will be a thief of the country, and the law will not allow him to do so.' But you have ordered people to spread rumors and rumors through various channels, to publicize the bad deeds of Prince Yinhe, and to create public opinion among Manchu and Han officials, as well as the capital and the people in the south of the Yangtze River.". He also threatened that Yinhe's position as crown prince was not stable and could be deposed again at any time. What an obedient Prince Yong! As Kangxi spoke, the fourth elder brother kowtowed and replied, "This is not what I did!" Kangxi stared at Gong a Ling, the minister in charge of the bodyguards, and the scholar in charge of the Imperial Academy. Both of them kowtowed and said, "I'm guilty!"! I know the crime! But this matter really has nothing to do with the four princes! It was the minister and others who acted privately. As he spoke, he glanced evasively at the four elder brothers. Kangxi suddenly pounded the table and said angrily, "You are really loyal!"! Do I still have eyes? Pointing angrily at the fourth elder brother, he said, "In the past two or three years, they have been in secret contact with you. There is evidence of where they met and who was present.". If not for you, are they doing it for themselves? Are they seeking the crown prince? The fourth elder brother glanced heavily at a Ling and a Xu. He kowtowed and said, "Although I have had contact with them, I have never ordered them to do this." I moved slightly in my heart and looked at eight elder brothers. His face was awestruck, his eyes were like water, and he stared at the ground in front of him. The words he had said flashed through his mind, 'Don't be the fourth brother! Otherwise, I will only suffer and waste my efforts now! ' Everything is clear in an instant! This is his game for the four Agobu! Good kill two birds with one stone, hit the prince, and can eradicate four elder brother. With the help of four elder brother to understand the prince movement, bring down the prince, the prince situation has gone, immediately to four elder brother. And a Ling a, Kui Xuding is not only responsible for spreading rumors everywhere, to create momentum for the action of the eight elder brothers to overthrow the prince, but also responsible for the exchange of information between the eight elder brothers and the four elder brothers. At this time, the fourth elder brother was hard to argue, because he did have private contacts with a Ling and a Xu, and the contents of the contacts were unspeakable, even more serious than spreading rumors. First, someone told Kangxi that it was the fourth elder brother who had done it, and then Ah Ling and Ah Xu pretended to defend the fourth elder brother, which made Kangxi even less suspicious. The more they refused to admit that it was the fourth older brother who had instigated them, the more Kangxi believed and became angry! How could Kangxi not be angry because of the influence of the prince's case of forming a clique for personal gain, coupled with his fear and abhorrence of the elder brother's pursuit of the throne? This time, although there is no rebellion, but Kangxi will never light Rao four elder brother. Think through this section, just really understand thirteen elder brother ten years of confinement is for this. I stared at eight elder brother, this Bureau is not arranged in a short time, spreading rumors to shake people's hearts can not be effective in a short time, and he and four elder brother's exchange of news as early as 14 elder brother to go to the prairie, he was afraid that two or three years ago had thought about everything. Even a Ling and a Xu must have been induced step by step. At this time, if they confessed to being eight elder brothers, they would be convicted and have no chance to turn over. But if they planted evidence on four elder brothers, eight elder brothers would be their capital to turn over. These are only my momentary inference, as to whether there are other handles in the hands of the eight elder brothers, or whether there are other transactions, I can not know. The more clearly I thought about it, the more amazed I was. I knew that Yongzheng's means were fierce, and I knew that people who could be regarded as opponents by Yongzheng were not ordinary people. But all I saw was his tender side,plastic pallet crates, gradually ignoring that he was the "Eight Virtuous Kings" in history. Today, I really faced the other side of him. He suddenly looked at me, and their eyes touched lightly. He swept me coldly and stared down at the ground.